Get in the best shape of your life

Train at the gym, in-home, or online in Nashville

Client, Roy Naquin

Forever Forward

 My goal is to arm you with the knowledge and tools required to make fitness successful in all situations. I’ll teach you how to integrate fitness seamlessly into your day to day life. Soon you’ll be doing things you never thought possible!

Never miss another workout

 No more wasting time wondering what exercises to do. You’ll receive new workouts every month. These are not random, generic workouts ripped from some magazine. Each workout is designed specifically for you. Now there’ll never be another situation you aren’t prepared to handle. Only customized workouts to keep you progressing!

Eat with intent

 Tired of wondering what to eat? You know you should be eating healthy but it just feels so complicated. Never again, I’ll give you easy to follow nutritional guidelines and educate you on healthy food choices. Now every meal has a purpose!

How does it work?

 After an extensive health assessment, which will help both you and I understand your goals, current condition, and limiting factors, together, we’ll develop your custom fitness plan. I’ll then coach you through the transformation phase. This is where the real magic happens. Your progress will be reviewed regularly and modifications will be made based on performance. 

My 3 Step Process
  •  Safety & Education
  •  Comprehension of the Foundations of Fitness
  •  Improve Muscular and Postural Imbalances
  •  Improve Balance and Stability
  •  Program Diversification & Progression
  •  Decrease Body Fat & Increase Lean Muscle Mass
  •  Loss/Gain of Inches (depending on goal) 
  •  Improve Mobility & Flexibility 
  •  Improve Nutritional Habits 
  •  Noticeable Visible & Physical Changes
  •  Substantial Body Fat Loss
  •  Substantial Strength Gain
  •  Healthy Lifestyle Change + Winning Habits
  •  Maximal Results

Transform your Health

 Enough talking about how you’re going to get in shape. The time to act is now because I’ll guide, support, and hold you accountable throughout the process.