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Personal Training in Nashville & Online

Frustrated with Fitness


Together we'll design a custom program based on your health history, training experience, and individual preferences.


You'll learn how to exercise safely using good form so that you can avoid injury and always feel confident.


Your program will be accessible online 24/7 so that you can train conveniently, whenever-wherever.

 Being fit isn’t about chasing fatigue. It’s about building a sustainable fitness program that delivers results. Fifteen years of coaching,  10+ certifications,  and six years in the military have proven the value of evidence based fitness programs. 

Kenton Boutwell MS, CSCS

Founder, KB Fitness

Custom Personal Training Programs

Whether you prefer exercising at a gym, home, on the road, or outdoors I will design and coach you through an 8, 12, or 16 week customized fitness program. A strategic combination of face to face and online coaching ensures success by enabling direct access to me from anywhere.

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