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Dalton Evans
Dalton Evans
18:08 02 Feb 21
I've been able to train with Kenton both in person and virtually and I would highly recommend either! Kenton realizes that no one person's strengths or abilities are the same... so his ability to create effective training programs for anyone and everyone is great. His virtual training was great in that they included instructional videos if I was unsure how to perform a specific exercise and included a wide range of exercises whether you have equipment at home or not. His in-person sessions kicked my butt while being extremely fun and engaging, and encouraging me along the way.read more
Bob Russell
Bob Russell
23:54 05 Jan 21
Knowledgeable. Personable. Great with strength and body flexibility training. Great at designing custom programs for clients. Experienced. Would recommend highly.
Laura Worley
Laura Worley
02:48 20 Dec 20
I’ve had my fair share of personal trainers but Kenton has by far given me the best results whilst making me feel comfortable by supporting me excelling at my own pace.
Troy Morris
Troy Morris
03:16 10 Oct 19
Kenton was my first personal trainer in my fitness journey. He’s definitely a pro at what he does. You’re definitely going to leave him feeling like you got your butt handed... to you (but in that good way, of course). Besides that he’s also a great guy and really easy to chat with. Highly recommend!read more
Brandon Eilertson
Brandon Eilertson
22:01 03 Sep 19
The first thing you notice about Kenton might be his Mississippi accent, but after a session with him you can tell he understands the human body - how to test it's limits ,... and also how not to injure it. His background in exercise physiology is a great asset as is amazing ability to motivate. Whether it was kettlebell swings to heavy metal or convincing me I could safely deadlift, he does know how to make training fun and how to get results. In our two years training together, I became as strong as I've ever been and gained the confidence to strength train on my own. As a physician and as someone he convinced to enjoy strength training, I recommend Kenton as highly as I can.read more
Donald Welch
Donald Welch
02:05 31 Aug 19
Working with Kenton for over 6 years has made a world of difference in my physical health. He has challenged me to do things I didn’t believe I could while insuring I... protect myself from injury. I’m markedly healthier than I was in the beginning. I weighed over 200 pounds which is now at 180 while gaining muscle-all of this while I’m nearing 60.read more
Billy Cameron
Billy Cameron
15:03 24 Apr 19
I trained with Kenton for 2 years and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Kenton is intelligent in his approach to fitness, he meets the client where they are,... trains them in their current state of fitness, and pushes them toward their ideal state of fitness. Never was I unsure of his expectations or where he was trying to get me in my fitness journey. I got stronger, leaner, fitter, more confident, and learned a ton of new techniques that are still with me. Kenton is an elite trainer with many certifications that he utilizes with every client. Training with him will be a sure hit!read more
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 Being fit isn’t about chasing fatigue. It’s about building a individualized fitness program that delivers results. Fifteen years of coaching,  10+ certifications,  and six years in the military have proven the value of evidence based fitness programs. 

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